Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Adult Friend Finder Or Fling For Getting Laid?

Being that I promote multiple adult dating sites, and write on the subject of how to get laid, I am sometimes asked, "which one is best for for getting laid?"

The answer is not as easy as I once thought. For one thing different personality types will vary there results at the different sites, depending on their modus operandi. For example, those who are more social and like to network, will do well at Adult Friend Finder.

Adult Friend Finder members who participate in the various forums, for example, report much success and have no concerns about how to get laid.

Fling, on the other hand, is better for men and women who are not interested in group "activities" (orgies) or wife swapping parties. Not that all Adult Friend Finder members participate in those activities, but they are more apt to be open to such sexual appetites.

At Fling, one on on sex is the norm. Absolutely nothing wrong with that! If you are not interested in multiple sex partners then I would recommend Fling. Much better than Match or eHarmony because the members are checked and verified, so no freaks allowed.

Personally, I am members of both sites because I like variety. And I learned a long time ago to always be open and honest about that. All my sex partners know that I am not going to be monogamous with them, and they are cool with it. In fact, I advertise that in my profiles at these adult dating sites.

Which ever you choose to join, remember to be yourself and be honest about what you want,and you are likely to find it!

See my review sites for Adult Friend Finder or Fling.


Alan said...

Ha! Nice put man! Passing by can't help but posting my support from MKE, WI.

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